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Your help desk has never been closer!

Small businesses for years have had limited access to Information Technology solutions that, until now, have only been available to larger organizations. These new technologies have helped many large companies save a great deal of time and money on their IT costs while increasing their productivity. IT Continuity offers that same kind of IT computer support to smaller operations, either remote via internet access or onsite.

Many small businesses don't measure productivity loss due to system down-time, peer support and costs associated with avoidable problems because of their size. System down-time is a serious drain on productivity and revenue for any business, no matter what their size and often results in lost customers and major business disruptions.

Here at ITC we utilize remote problem resolution to help save our customers in IT costs and potential loss of revenue by system down time. Remote problem resolution means that we use a secure internet channel and an innovative technology to see your screen when you need help and fix most problems within minutes without having to come to your office.

Contact us today to start the process of your IT outsourcing with an assessment of your IT operations. We will evaluate your individual needs and identify any current problems to establish a baseline from which to consider the best outsourcing options for your business.

Windows 7 is HERE

Windows 7 is HERE...

Windows 7 is finaly here and packed full of new and exciting features, as well as some that have been redesigned to maximize the functionality of the new O/S.
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