IT Continuity, LLP
PO Box 2533
Appleton, Wi 54912

About - IT Continuity, LLP

IT Continuity, LLP is based on a simple premise that, small and medium businesses deserve great computer support.

So many small companies rely on friends, relatives, or someone in the company for their network administration. They feel that true network administrators cost too much. That is just untrue. A good network administrator can save a company money, by implementing sound backup strategies, consistent computer configuration and increase network up time. Simply this is what ITC can provide.

ITC uses proven network and desktop methodology to improve your overall network performance and staff productivity.

We believe that every small business deserves a specialist.

That is why we are Microsoft registered partners.

What is a Microsoft Small Business Specialist?
Microsoft Small Business Specialists are partners who meet the needs of their small business customers with high-quality solutions built on Microsoft technologies. A Small Business Specialist configures solutions according to customer requirements and supports the solutions to ensure customer satisfaction. If your company specializes in the design, deployment, and customization of small-business solutions using Microsoft technologies, you can gain special recognition and additional benefits by enrolling in the Small Business Specialist Community.